Sunday, March 27, 2011

Tijuana Straits

Kem Nunn writes a novel like Robert Stone used to (Dog Soldiers and A Flag for Sunrise) so its no wonder he has earned Stone’s support and blurbs. Set in the wasteland between Tijuana and San Diego, the titular land is former paradise turned to hell by NAFTA, Narcotrafficantes, the border patrol, free roaming militias, wild dog packs, and pollution. A decaying landscape that attacks its inhabitants. The nearby slums of Tijuana with its toxic abandoned factories is a similarly terrifying landscape that breeds the three killers whose remorseless actions propel the plot to finale of redemption for Nunn’s protagonist Fahey. While Nunn’s never shortchanges the socioeconomic events that form his trio of killers their relentless onslaught and the language that describes it evokes the Cormac McCarthy of No Country for Old Men, Outer Dark, and Blood Meridian. Nunn’s tales of blasted border landscapes and redemption also remind of David Corbett’s work.

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