Monday, May 2, 2011

The Dancer Upstairs

For years I thought Dancer Upstairs was either romance with some flavoring of political intrigue or a Tom Clancy thriller but the book thankfully has more in common with a Graham Greene novel. Dancer Upstairs features one of the clumsiest frame story ( a reporter randomly encountering the person he wishes to interview in a bar) , gives it a 19th century feel I guess which the author makes the mistake of returning to (thankfully briefly) and interrupting the story. The other story is gripping tense, sad story of an almost surreal terrorist campaign. This is the story of Rejas the investigator. This story plunges into the heart of darkness of a country (unnamed but based on Peru) in the grips of conflict, attacks and counterattacks, reprisal and counter reprisal, mob violence, and the army unleashing its own brand of terrorism under martial This also a portrait of a lonely man and a story of unrequited love.

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