Sunday, July 10, 2011

John McFetridge

John Mcfetridge has crafted three (to date) interwoven novels set in modern Toronto a city filled to the brim with numerous ethnic groups, corruption, gentrification, and organized crime. The latter represented mainly by the Hell’s Angels (thinly disguised here) who have in recent years seized violent control of Canada’s rackets. Mcfetridge writes these novels as a dead pan documentaries moving from character to character (some appearing once, some as ongoing characters) from cops to crooks to create a patchwork of a city at work. Woven through each of these books is a variation on a classic Elmore Leonard style caper and each has a standalone plot, but they are better read as one long going novel. Lots of repetition here some good and some didn’t work (I never want to hear about bikers in golf shirts again) and dead pan humor and irony. Which one to start with, Dirty Sweet is the least essential, but the most fun so start there.
Let It Ride

Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere: A Mystery

Dirty Sweet: A Mystery

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