Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Wire to Wire (Tin House New Voice)

Appropriate blurbs from Willy Vlautin and Donald Ray Pollack as this is a similar tale of a low life group of outcasts, junkies, murderers, and fools. Shades of Thompson and McCarthy but similar to Kem Nunn in that the fall of the characters is echoed by the squandered potential of the landscape they inhabit. He nails the druggy despair of Lower Michigan, I had the outline for novel of druggy lowlifes in Michigan (where I grew up) but now I’m wondering what the point would be (weirdly the author also lives in the town I currently live in). The cleverness of the dialogue also brings to mind Robert Stone and Elmore Leonard. The energy and fluency of the prose enervates what would be an endlessly depressing story… Beautiful packaging by Tin House also.

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