Thursday, May 2, 2013


Heart beat.
Fur on the ground.
Chased down, liquid poured in mouth.
Sister approaches. Warning growl.
Chased down, liquid poured in throat. Un-chewed food spat out.
A single claw. Lying free on the ground.
Sister by food and water all day.
Big smelly wanders by. His sniffs are like tiny storms. They suck in in my smell.
This smell is not well.
Heart beat.
Chased down, liquid poured in mouth.
Too much to walk to food. Hard to walk anywhere.
This area is comforting. Hard to leave the area.
So comforting that movement is forgotten.
Heart beat.
Sister and Big Smelly own the house. Their actions are forgiven.
This smell is not well.
The female holds me.
A whole world swirls by.
Heart beat.
Stretching legs an impossibility.
The empty rooms with fear smells. So many have been scared here.
Proddings, shavings, gentle sounds, fear.
Black box.
Heart beat.
A whole world swirls by.
Pills given.
Food eaten.
Feeling returns. Yearnings not forgotten.
Can still smell that world.
Now they let me out in it.
I feel the wind.
The smells are overpowering.
Heart beat.
Plants, soil, animals, fight through the cracks of a world of machines.
Electricity and engines fighting not to decay into the loam.
Alien in this world. Its rhythms not mine.
Heart beat.
Fetid plains and tangled forests my ancestors stalked for food. To bring their young new days.
Rotten slabs of meat chewed for days.
This memory continues. This desperate fight.
Heart beat.
A world with no love for young.
A world that encourages desperation.
Spiders have built whole cities in the wall.
Their nets of corpses hang from every plant.
Birds are asleep. The air chilled.
The world slowed down.
Machines drape the sky. Deep rumbles and far off transmissions.
Cats have spread through the neighborhood and robbed the nests of eggs.
Mothers with food for no one.
Roots and bugs have dug into every foundation.
 The earth has tried to pull apart the houses.
 If the machines ever stop the earth will ingest everything.
New cycles will begin.
I am in the warm door way.
Big smelly is next to me.
The people celebrate.
I am in my world.
I belong here as much as I belong anywhere.
Heart beat.

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