Friday, December 13, 2013

Favorite Music 2013

My list of favorite music from this year. Anyone who I have liked in the past that released something that didn’t stink up the room goes on there. This list is mostly dedicated to underappreciated releases that need more exposure. The records that probably also appear on NPR lists and the such, are records that I think are at least attempting something interesting, which is all I can ask for in these fallow days.
The Necks -Open
Rhys Chatham- Harmonie du Soir
Cellular Chaos –self titled
Xiu Xiu-Nina
TySegall/Mikal Cronin- Reverse Shark Attack
No Babies – music on their bandcamp (technically there is music from 2013 on there)-Oakland band keeping alive a flickering torch for the apocalyptic no wave of Black Eyes, Silver Daggers, Coughs, God is my Copilot in these desperate times.
U S Girls- Free Advice Column.
Mary Halvorson Septet –Illusionary Sea.
Bardo Pond- Peace on Venus
Pop 1280-Imps of perversion
Harold Budd -Avalon Sutra
Guerilla Toss- Gay Disco
Janelle Monae-The Electric Lady
Life Coach - Alphawaves
Jonas Reinhardt Mask of the Maker
Laura Marling - Once I was an Eagle
Savages- Silence Yourself
Grouper -Man who died in his boat
Barn Owl - V
Main - Ablations
Anthony Braxton echo echo mirror house.
Implodes Reoccurring Dream
Pan American Cloud room, Glass Room
Camera Obscura Desire Lines
Tim hecker Virgins
Ken Camden Space Mirror
My Bloody Valentine – mbv
Yo La Tengo Fade
Low invisible Way
Matana Roberts Coin Coin Chapter Two: Mississippi Moonchile
Nick Cave Push the Sky Away
David Bowie Next Day
Gorguts Coloured Sands
Black Host-Life in the Sugar Candle Mines.
Sightings - Terribly Well
Kayo Dot - Hubardo
Guapo- History of the Visitation.
Most listened to was probably old free jazz records, 20th century classical and drone/ambient records. I’m that kind of old fart.

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