Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Spider's Dream #7 Hijack

Dog One looked at the armored vehicles pour into the airport like beetles. Helitransports hung in the air unmoving, perched, and exuding further insect charm. Black smoke drizzled off the terminal. How could they respond this fast to them? Mini blimps buzzed down from the clouds and dropped ropes onto the roof of the terminal. The ropes became infested with the black shapes of men.

Dog One wished for removal from his actions. The fatal and iron clad laws governing his existence were showing their nature to him. He wished complete remove from their whims. He wanted to study the sensations of the world and pick new ones for his choosing. He felt urine trickling down his leg. One of the pilots was reaching for a button on the console. He thought of the grand words his emotions evoked and the cheapness of actually experiencing them.

Sirius’s and Nine Hundred Day‘s coats whipped around them in the wind. People sitting in chairs holding hands over their ears. Pieces of paper tearing through the air of the cabin. Unleashed and out of control. Machine gun fire sounded from the cockpit. A quiet, almost unheard, rattle over the howling wind. It seemed almost inevitable when the transport began to tilt forward.

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