Sunday, April 13, 2014

Hux photo history

Hux was my short lived first band in Portland Oregon. It was me (Adam), Aaron, Amy and Meghan(the only non A name) I think we made absolutely no sense. We usually knocked our equipment over and got hurt every show.I wanted to copy my heroes Teenage Jesus and the Jerks and play seven minutes shows, which my band mates disagreed with. Though since we only wrote like eight "songs" the shows were probably not that much longer. No music was ever recorded. This band exists in photos only, poorly scanned photos. We played shows with Sick Lipstick, Alarmist, Fall of Troy,Battleship, D Yellow Swans and Soddamn Insane. We once played the Blackbird pretending to be my housemate's band Headphone. Our first show was actually in Indiana as I am a thousand year old frozen Head (stolen from Men's Recovery Project)at a punk house where they wanted you not to flush your toilet paper, and provided a basket for it. Everyone in the band lived in Chicago at one point where we officially started practicing at the unmentionably disgusting “Vegan House”. We did a brief tour with Alarmist that resulted in the grimmest show I've ever been involved with in DIY culture. It was in the town of Manila outside Arcata. I remembered our collective Disappointment as the directions led us through the comparatively thriving town of Arcata to find that we were playing a haunted school on a beach. The other band on the bill was a bizarre and vaguely disturbing new wave revival band Buffy Swayze (what age where they? Did those dance moves and kick jumps fit every song?) They had blind bass player wearing a nomeansno t shirt (so you wondered what he was doing there), who’s family was the only audience (they left early too). The band also told us that Elliot Smith had killed himself which certainly added to the fun atmosphere of the evening. Our last show was with D Yellow Swans and a christian hip hop group(!?), we set up opposite the PA speakers so the vocals blared from the other side of the room. I sang for awhile with walkie talkie hooked up to a guitar amp which produced a lot of feedback. We went on to form Hustler White and Yuma Nora.

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