Thursday, May 8, 2014

We were given shelter part 8

Throb of the rotors vibrated the world like he was enclosed in a metal box, painting the whole landscape mechanical. Three of the gunships hovered without movement. Sad sweeps of light tenderly poked through the trees. The girl next to him still had dirt behind her ears. Puss leaked from her nose where the tubes had been removed. Others of the God’s Children were scattered around the trees. Any movement they made and they would be revealed. To be revealed is to be obliterated. A blood mist mixed with tree chips. Slurry to pollute the streams. He had seen it many times before.
A babble of voices streamed through the trees. Strung up loud speakers were giving lectures from the mayor. His ever-changing book in newer and newer editions. All God’s Children were taught to hate the book. Now you could really tell what it was saying. He liked some of the sentences. It was always broadcast in pleasing male and female but sometimes it didn’t seem that different from Papa’s speech. Lots anger and confusion mixed with simplistic life lessons. Then the baby screaming and crying could be heard. The sound trucks were cruising up the road blaring that blather. You could not think for the sound, the sound. Fingers itched at triggers. One bullet or rocket would place them. To be place was to be gone. Urine. The girl next to him had soiled herself. Tinny shrieking, rotor throb, pleasant babble, urine.

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