Thursday, May 22, 2014

We were given shelter part 9

Why did you do that to them? You didn’t have to.
No one has to do anything, but we do. We do.
I’m going to report what you did when get to this city. That is the only reason I’m sticking with you.
You’re sticking with me as you will probably die otherwise.
I am going to let them know that you murdered without even pausing. That is what you do.
Those in the city care little for what people do out here. What they do to make it to the city. They care for you little, even when you get there. This, this is not a threat that I am going to say, but a truth. I have documents. You do not. So you even being received in the city is up to me. I will do this for you no matter what. So accuse me of murder if you want, just know it might be a waste of your efforts.
So I’m supposed to cling to you, one who could and probably will kill me at any moment for safety. But, aren’t we safe in this corridor.
You are safe from dumb starving animals and God’s Childrens, but you are not safe from cleverer predators.

Turning a corner and there they are. Pushing a wheelbarrow with a squeaking wheel. It seems impossible to have not heard them, but there they were. A small man or child with floppy arms and a hunched over man with a swollen odd pate and cheap looking cloak. A brown blanket covered the contents of the wheelbarrow. Something squirmed under the covers.
See I told you. The smarter ones sneak in.
Excena told the woman who observed the duo with some concern.
The big one spoke
Here is a sneaky one.
Traipsing through the pines acting like she can hear. But not us. She hears what we want and we wants quiet.
A dry pop. A wet explosion. The big head dropped off. The little one flailed around with its floppy arms trying to catch it and accidently kicks the head down the hill. The little one makes a wet gasping noise running after it.
Excena rips the cover off the wheelbarrow. A squirming mass of connected limbs, heads, and other body parts covered in dirt lay within. Blind eyes stared; mouths gasped and dropped snakelets of drool. The man child ran back up holding the head. The head spoke
Don’t ruin it.
The body of the larger one still stood next to the wheelbarrow.
The body’s neck veins throbbed dryly.
The man child brought it back its head, which it gripped in its hands.
It spoke
We dug it up. We get to keep them. We like to dig them up early. Early is good for us. Don’t touch please. We will pick your bones if you take it. We get to keep it. You don’t need to run off we will walk together.
She set what was left in the wheelbarrow on fire with her wrist gun.  She then grabbed the hand of the woman and pulled her along with as she walked away. The big man continued to rasp at her following alongher holding his head. The floppy arm little one tried to throw dirt on the burning wheelbarrow.
Come on don’t stare at them let’s move.
Excena turned around and spoke to the big man who was stumbling after them holding his head.
Quit following us. Go dig something else up

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