Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Transmission from Submarine #14 sixth transmission.

Richard Pryor before the fire

If this is Peace, it is peace with gothic undertones, as if the ghosts of the past might be appeased for a moment but never exorcised in their entirety
-Max Roach

Tupac’s last words were “fuck you”
“If the night catches me I won’t pump gas in the city.”
This isn’t the first time a cruise ship has hit a whale and dragged its carcass.

The advice is to stay indoors. Something is causing shriveling across town. Clowns parachuted into town. They claim they are rocks stars and a labor dispute had halted their private dirigible in the air over town. We did hear something buzzing in the clouds, but Chuck imprisoned them in the cafĂ© just in case. They mostly demanded liquor though one collapsed with shakes and chills and had to be brought to the hospital. Their pet chimp destroyed the coffee maker and they started sending flairs into the air, their loudhailer won’t stop.  Judy wonders why we gave it back to them. Judy wondered why Grandpa Miller’s head looked like that. We all wondered but the radio never told us answers.

He is lost in the wilderness
-James Brown

Killer tied to youtube video
Murder trial halted due to couple having sex

People looking for a plot in this book should go read Huck Finn
-Sesshu Foster

Veda kicked a piece of decorative armor aside with her sandaled foot. The Aztec militia that was still around had returned to the bland green that soldiers had worn for countless conflicts.
A line of the Aztec’s ironclads were grinding past her, away from the city, they were moving their resources into the hills and towns to the south.
The ATMs had gone haywire. They ate cards and delivered profane messages to anyone who attempted to use them. They announced the approach of the Orange Brigade. They announced that the city would soon be shelled. Veda chewed the bagel that a woman standing outside a restaurant had handed her. It was her first food in maybe a day. She wanted some coffee to dip it in. The woman apologized that they had no more.
People had just been wandering the streets since their money had stopped working. No had rioted yet, it was just a calm sedate wandering. Some restaurants had begun to give out plates of food. Veda looked desperately for coffee. Maybe the militia had taken most of it with them.
The screens of ATMs, phones, and computers kept flashing the warnings about the coming shelling and bombing of the city. The militia had abandoned all their fortifications around the city but still the warnings came. The flashes of light in the sky had been identified to Veda as a spotter plane. The Orange Brigade’s lifters hovered over the bay casting shadows over the dark green of the water. The dirigible transport the Aztecs set up that were still running made long looped transits around the gloomy hovering shapes.
A woman with a canteen of mint tea was Veda’s savior. She dipped the bagel in the liquid long enough for it to be chewable.  A streetcorner preacherbot had begun to emit messages from the Orange brigade instead of its usual exhortations against sins and promises of routes to salvation. It told them that they soon would be bombed.  Veda sat on the bench and finished the bagel. She was still hungry though.

Neo-hoodoo is the 8 basic dances of 19th century New Orleans’ Place Congo- the Calinda the Bamboula the Chacta the Babouille the Conjaille the Juba the Congo and the VooDoo- modernized into the Philly Dog, the Hully Gully, the Funky Chicken, the Popcorn, the Boogaloo and the dance of the great American choreographer Buddy Bradley
-Ishmael Reed

The woman moved her hands left to right. Her feet did a dance and then the image looped and she did the dance again. Smoke curled out of her mouth and then receded. Her pupils were pulled back in her head and her eyes were pure white.
The claws of the patrol dogs clicked on the grated floor. Their skulls were hollow and their eyes cameras.
He held the child’s hand in his as they walked in the light of the screen. The child whispered to him as the dogs left the chamber.
You can’t bring back the sun.
Please don’t talk of these things Mara. Not here.
He looked at Mara’s eyes as they reflected the movements of the looped woman on the giant screen.
Not here Mara.
The hands move to the left. The hands move to the right.

There will always be mass murder, always
-Bill O’reilly

Church group removes Alabama billboard quoting Hitler
Scientist erase rats’ memories

The study of thinking machines teaches us more about the brain than we can learn by introspective methods. Western man is externalizing himself in the form of gadgets
-William S Burroughs

How much longer do we tolerate mass murder?
-Pop Group

First night I realized something was wrong was the night we first fully moved in. You know when there are no cardboard boxes in sight, and everything is in a strange new location that you have to figure out. Father was late at the plant and mom had fallen asleep in front of the television. I had stubbed out the cigarette for her. I was in the darkened living half paying attention to the flickering television set in the other, trying to figure what I thought I saw out the window. Then it came. It was like tiny pink snowflakes drifting down out of the night. Then it popped in the window and bumped the glass. It looked like a teenage boy except a pink bulbous growth had grown out or over his forehead covering his eyes. I moved away from the window, choking, unable to speak and staring. A van rolled up with no lights on. Men with gas masks and suits like silver garbage bags ran across the yard and tackled the boy thing and dragged it to van. It sped away vanishing in the dark. I didn’t start moving until I saw father’s headlights.

We are on the verge of the sixth extinction
Teen arrested in botched science experiment haunted by felony record

 Freedom is freedom from the need to be free. Free your mind and your ass will follow! The kingdom of heaven is within

The pop produced a manufactured gay. Drawing fires, rage, broken glass, lynchings and negative video montages in the middle country. Dance parties spread on the coast. The glow and heat caused nosebleeds. Clubs overflowed with forgotten wigs. Dancing conquered all other needs.

Court will decide if Guru is dead or meditating

Talk rot came down. Julia’s mouth crumbled away while trying to argue with the teenager who was improperly (in her mind) bagging her groceries. Jon, the teenager, of course never responded and only heard what his headphones allowed. Going a whole afternoon without speaking saved him from the talk rot that had descended and then just as quickly ascended. Julia had to keep her tongue and jaw nestled in with the frozen stuff.

Fuck this anchor. Go suck ur president’s dick. You are with the terrorists

They moved the figure to the center of the road. The figure had stark face with light emitting from its eyes. The neighborhood was wrecked, lacked compassion. People began to leave their houses. Tickling sensations filled their days. Sleep was barely attempted. Dead animals covered the ground. Green eyes glowed in the figure’s face. Sally was found frigid in the pool. No rain. Ceilings began to leak sludgy drips. Every house had a rotation of buckets. Bert and Nan’s house fell in like a crumpled bag.

We fought gladly and to the last drop of blood for America
-WEB Dubois

  The history of aerial bombing in the United States of America is a history of racial tension and class struggle, like many of our histories. It is also filled with rumor and myth, another trait of American history.
The first incident occurred just months before the second in the year 1921. Aerial bombing had been invented just years before, in the rush of invention to create new technologies for slaughtering people, in what was then  referred to as the Great War or the war to end all wars. Left over armaments from that conflict played a role in both the first two incidents.  The first incident is what is called the Tulsa race riot. This incident at the end of May of that year resembled the “race riots” of two summers before, the “red summer” where murderous racial violence exploded across the country. The Chicago riot occurred the same week a dirigible exploded over the city, raining fire and bodies on office buildings below, but this similarity is accidental. But like many of the race riots before, a simple incident between a black male and white woman  got totally out of hand and fueled local racial tensions leading to a larger gathering of armed white men who assaulted the Greenwood district in Tulsa, then the richest black neighborhood in America sometimes called the “Black Wall Street”.  Both the besieged and the attackers were well armed, but the blacks were at the disadvantage as their businesses and homes were set on fire, devastating the district. Six biplanes left over from the world war were dispatched to fly over the conflict. White officials claimed these were merely spotter planes there to prevent a wider uprising. Eyewitnesses reported the planes were employed to drop firebombs on the district and to snipe at the besieged.
The second incident was mere months later in West Virginia. This almost mythic event called the battle of Blair Mountain has been regarded as one of the largest armed civil conflicts in the United States since the Civil War. The United Mine Workers fought a pitched battle with local lawmen and Baldwin Felts strikebreakers for five days. This episode was one of many incidents in the bloody “Coal wars” of the previous decades. The strikebreakers hired private planes to drop bombs left over from the world war on the strikers, sometimes indiscriminately releasing them on villages.  When the army arrived to conclude the hostilities in the favor of the mine owners they also employed bombers as surveillance planes and some said intimidation. The miners captured one of the unexploded bombs the strikebreakers had engaged and later displayed it at a trial.
The third major known incident of aerial bombing in the United States of America took place some six decades later. This third and final event under discussion involves the conflict between the city of Philadelphia and the organization known as MOVE. MOVE, a black liberation organization with back to the land overtones started by John Africa (all members of the group employed the surname Africa) had a previous violent conflict with the city in 1978 where the unsanitary nature of their compound and incidents with police led to a raid. A policeman died in the firefight under unclear circumstances and several of the members of the group were charged with his death. The even more embattled organization (as the founder John Africa insisted they were. Many argued convincingly that MOVE was a cult, some called them a terrorist organization) moved to a working class black neighborhood which they came in conflict with, setting up two bunkers on the roof of their house, occasionally gesturing with weapons, and blaring profane political speeches through loudspeakers at all hours of the day. This mixed with compost, feces, gathered wood that filled the compound, alongside concern for the treatment of the numerous children that MOVE had, all lead inevitably to another conflict with the city in 1985. The police moved in (many of who had been involved in the previous confrontation) and surrounded the house and then evacuated the area. They issued a communique to MOVE that had curious language.
Attention MOVE, this is America.
Soon tear gas and two high powered water jets were turned on the compound. At some point heavy gunfire started. There is been much debate which side did most of the firing, though the police at one point ran out of ammo. The police commissioner citing the tactical advantage MOVE had with the two bunkers on the roof decided to employ a drastic measure. He had a police chopper drop a satchel bomb on the roof of the house. It failed to destroy the bunkers but started a fire.  A decision was made to let the fire burn. The water jets were turned off. The fire destroyed the compound; only two people left it and survived an adult and a child, five other children and six other adults died including John Africa. There were rumors that the police fired on anyone trying to leave the fire. One adult was seen by witnesses leaving and then running back in for an unknown reason. The ensuing blaze also destroyed three blocks of the neighborhood.
This for the moment is what we know of aerial bombing in America by Americans.

The catastrophe of the First World War and the extraordinary spiritual malaise that came afterwards were needed to arouse a doubt as to whether all was well with the white man’s mind.
-Carl Jung

I see the memes. These political memes. They say things like here is some truth for your day or have some slogan or quote smeared across an ironic image. I see the ones I agree with, those are the channels I choose to subscribe to. Some of my relatives subscribe to channels on the other side and I can see them via Facebook. The messages are different but the approach is the same. These seem like rituals or incantations against an encroaching future or reality. These are words and images to inspire action sold like product.
My mind wanders to the so called “ghost dance” rebellion of the late 19th century. This apocalyptic Christian movement spread across many of the reservations of the Native Americans and in many ways was no different than various other apocalyptic Christian cults that appeared in America during that century (7th day Adventists, Mormons, Jehovah’s Witness), the practitioners had a prophet who claimed to be Jesus Christ returned and he taught a dance. If this dance was done correctly a great flood would come and wipe away the invading white man and then all those who had died in the First Nations would return. The agents of the Indian bureau for some reason took this religion very seriously and a tragic series of events unfolded. The cavalry moved onto the Great Sioux reservation and soon after Sitting Bull was killed by tribal police in either a botched arrest or an assassination. Then Big Foot’s tribe moved without permission. The cavalry surrounded them and proceeded to disarm them. One of the tribesmen, a deaf man raised his gun in the air for an unknown reason. The surrounding cavalry opened up with Krag rifles and Hotchkiss guns. Some 300 people died, mostly woman and children and almost all disarmed. The causalities on the cavalry side were mostly from getting caught in their own crossfire. Many of the bodies were left to freeze to the ground.
These memes are mostly ignored, treated as part of the noise of the day. Being ignored is obviously not the violence that met Big Foot’s Minneconjous and it is self-involved and a failure to those who were treated so unfairly to compare in this way, but hope fades regardless. People keep sending their “ghost dance’, their rituals and spells into the ether hoping for some change from this reality, this ever present moment.

We are all hopeful farmers, we are all scared rabbits
-Rob Fisk

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