Friday, April 25, 2014

Transmissions from Submarine#14:first transmission

Why Diane Keaton never married
Children’s corpses reveal desperate attempts to escape…

The radio leaked all his hand. A slow horn wail flowed through his arm and his thumb leaked. The cars lights had flickered off but he kept driving by the red glow from across the swamps. The river had caught fire in the night; the air was thick with headache. Moisture wrapped the seat fabric close to him. The refrigerator and the phone rattled the house all night. He thought unplugging both of them but the vibrations continued. Driving was his only solace.
There was a beam poking through and lighting the street ahead. He stopped and found that a cone of light was coming from his headlight. Ash had caked over them and this one beam struggled out. Some kicking and he got the light free.

E-cigarette rules a big win for tobacco
Republic lawmakers shy away from rebel rancher’s racist remarks

Ernie, “Ern” to his friends, dreamed about his secretary. He dreamed he held her hand as light flooded their picnicking. But water leaked from ever where in his dream, it ruined all the food and bundled the blankets up in mud.  

Issue #10 features 9 stories, 3 dark verse, 10 reviews and loads of extras…
End of the internet as we know it.

Sandy, mother of three in Ohio, discovers the idea of “zombie apocalypse”. She hopes every morning that those shapes will totter past her window. She wants to see her neighbor’s intestines tossed like red garlands on their yards. She alone will save her children; she will know what to do.

“Game of Throne’ glamorizes rape…
25 celebrities who are secretly hairless.

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