Thursday, April 24, 2014

We were given shelter part 5

Two men entered the office with an air of unconditional right. Their jumpsuits were quite tight but the way they fit made their forms seem almost sexless to Mika. They rolled in a metal cart with a screen and looped wires on it. One man began to use a variety of tools to attach the screen to Mika’s office wall. The other pulled out his mobile and began to type in it. When he was finished he showed the screen to Mika.
Written on it was.
I can speak for my partner. Do not interfere with his performance. Any problems or concerns I can provide you with the proper forms and the proper address which at your own expense you can send them.
What exactly is the screen? I don’t want the screen?
Who decided this? I don’t even need half this crap that I have in here already. Why not take some of it out instead installing that?
Do you want the forms? Do you wish for them?
Said the offered screen.
Mika mumbled no.
The men finished their work as Mika waited for a single document to load on his computer and checked his mobile for messages. Nothing at all.
The communicative man walked up to Mika’s desk after his partner was finished. He held his mobile and it squeezed out a couple scraps of paper that fell onto the desk.
The finally offered screen said receipt and after its showing the men excited.
The pieces of paper sat for a while on the desk. Mika no longer possessed a wastepaper basket so their disposal would be difficult. They sat there like a forgotten crop that had been improperly harvested. Mika left them lying on his desk for a time then silently, finally, and guiltily tucked them into the printer and watched them get absorbed by the input.
The screen sat on the wall. Mika kept thinking that he heard it warming up. But it was silent and off every time he looked up.

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